Shree Karveer Nivasini Ambabai (Mahalaxmi) Hakkadar Shri Poojak, Kolhapur.

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The tradition of more than 1000 years has molded the routine of this temple very smoothly & precisely. The routine happens every day & in time.

Presenting the daily routine performed by hereditary archaks since 1000s of years :

4.40 am
Doors of the temple are opened.
4.45 to 5.30 am
Padhyapooja (Mukhamarjan) & Kakadarti
9.00 am
The first Mahabhishek, Aarati & Shankhatirth.
12.00 pm
Second Mahabhisheka, Aarati, Maha Nevaidya (offering holy food to the goddess) & Shankhatirth.
Now the goddess is worshiped with precious ornaments placed upon the idol (Salankrut Pooja).
8.15 pm
Aarati and Shankh Tirth.
After this ritual, the Salankrut Pooja is removed.
10.10 pm
Shejarati and Tirth.
10.30 pm
Doors of the temple are closed.

Apart from this daily routine, numerous festivals are celebrated here all around the year. The detail list of the celebrations is mentioned in a separate chapter. To know more… click here.

For Seva / Pooja details; click here

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